Your True Halloween Stories Part 3

Oct 29, 2022, 10:13 PM

Tonight's episode concludes this series of our listeners' most terrifying true tales for Halloween.  In the final Part Three of this anthology, we're proud to present five stories we believe were some of the most horrifying we've ever heard.  The collection covers a curated compilation of creepy creatures.  You may be tempted to classify them under the categories of a goblin, doppelgänger, genie, demon, and something that defies easy classification, but what are these things that people have encountered?  Do these beings even know what they are, or does it matter?  In our human desire to measure and rationalize, ask yourself: Does your "rational" explanation account for every detail offered in these reports?  Do you want to explain away these testimonies because of your confidence in a complete understanding of the natural or unnatural world?  Or could it be your fear of the unknown?   How do we know what's possible or impossible when we have such a limited and naive grasp of the true nature of our reality?  Whatever your stance, we wish to thank everyone who submitted a story for this series or has ever sent us an email detailing a personal paranormal encounter.  We've filed and cherished every one of them, and we hope to feature the ones we couldn't get to in some future offering.  And a message to all who have generously and bravely shared with us: while your experience may be uncommon and unsettling, just know that you're not alone.

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