Damian Browne - Rowing The Atlantic - 110 Days Alone At Sea Battling; Storms, 30 Foot Waves & Losing His Partner To A Suspected Blood Clot!

Season 8, Episode 107,  Nov 03, 2022, 05:15 AM

Today we're joined by Damian Browne, a man who had an incredible rugby career including winning the Heineken Cup with Leinster, but has made a name for himself as an extreme adventurer. We talk to him merely a couple weeks after completing his most incredible expedition to date, when he became the first man in history to row the Atlantic Ocean solo from New York to Ireland. After losing his partner at sea with a suspected blood clot only 2 weeks into the row, Damian decided to complete the task by himself and therefore spent the next 95 days all alone at sea, with no human company, no one to talk to, just the storms of the ocean and his mind to keep him company. Rowing for over 12 hours a day non stop and having no human company for that long can break the strongest of men and when he had to spend 3 days locked into his capsized row boat in a deadly storm and his cabin started to flood, he thought it could be the end of his life. Listen to his incredible story now and find out what pushing your mind and body to the very edge feels like.
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