E.P.P. S01 EP13 True Crime Series: The Shopping Cart Killer

Season 1, Episode 13,   Nov 06, 2022, 03:25 PM

The topic I wish to discuss is the "Shopping Cart Killer" Anthony Robinson, who met up with women in Harrisonburg, VA, and killed four women. Was he provoked by the outbreak, or was he always predestined to murder?

In this episode of my true crime series, I explore the story of the "Shopping Cart Killer." I'll take a look at the case of Anthony Robinson, who brutally killed four women he had met up with at the Moon Inn Hotel in Harrisonburg, VA. I'll talk about the events leading up to the murder, and try to understand what could have motivated such a horrific act.  Did he break because of the pandemic? Or was he always anticipating the kill?