Big Dogs: On The Trail of a Serial Killer w/ Steve Ditmars

Season 17, Episode 134,   Nov 08, 2022, 09:00 AM

True Crime Tuesday presents Big Dogs: On The Trail of a Serial Killer w/ Steve Ditmars!

Lieutenant JW North is on his last night on patrol when he is shot and seriously injured after responding to a prowler dispatch. His life hangs in the balance as his fellow officers work to catch the shooter and try to help a woman who is also brutally injured. This injury changes JW and as he recovers he begins a journey of redemption. He reaches into his past to find a new direction for his life. He begins training a German Shepherd dog, Ares, to trail dangerous suspects. The program develops into a not only a powerful law enforcement tool, but also helps JW begin to take back his life. Police work is always dangerous, but when you are out front, chasing desperate criminals, it is especially so. Ares leads JW on several adventures, but ultimately, he must again face evil in another deadly confrontation.

Former LBPD Officer/Author of Big Dogs, Steve Ditmars joins True Crime Tuesday today to talk about the book (based on a true story), the character of Asko the dog (based on his first K9 partner, Asko), his experiences on the force and the challenges that his brothers and sisters face today in training and maintaining new K9 unit and themselves.

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