Paul Sackey - An RFU Secret Cover Up That'll Blow Your Mind - Shaun Edwards Headbutts & The Shocking Story Behind Getting Fired From Toulon

Season 8, Episode 108,  Nov 10, 2022, 05:15 AM

The hardest man in the world to get hold of has finally given us an interview, and my god was it worth the wait.
Paul Sackey a man who won the Premiership, Heineken Cup and was within a disallowed try of winning the World Cup spares no punches as he obliterates the sport of rugby and those he played with in an all revealing interview. He firstly offloads on us his disgust in the way his beloved Wasps has been handled, before attacking the RFU for the way they're ruining professional rugby - but when the pleasantries are seen to - its time for him to really offload. He quickly shares some wonderful memories of his great friend Shaun Edwards breaking one of his teammates noses during a party in a nightclub and also fond memories of partying the night away with the likes of David Haye and Claude Makelele - before revealing the shocking story behind why he got fired from Toulon. Paul saves the best till last however, when he tells an exclusive story never told before, that took place during the 2007 world cup - which will blow your mind into pieces!!
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