Melissa in the Morning: The Homeless Population

Nov 09, 2022, 02:32 PM

In recent news, we've heard of homeless populations living under the I-95 bridge in Bridgeport and pop-up tent cities. What is being done for people without housing in the city and is the problem getting worse? Carmen Colon has worked on this issue through the YMCA for 28 years and gave us perspective on the issue. ((00:00))

This week, we are focused on offering support and resources to veterans. We spoke with Tito Ortega, a case manager with Homes for the Brave, to learn how he connects veterans to benefits they didn't know existed. ((14:15))

College students are stressed and anxious. One Connecticut college used state grant money to help! We learned about U @ SHU at Sacred Heart University. ((21:52))

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