Word on the Street #1

Episode 115,  Nov 11, 2022, 10:00 AM

Beaver Sound presents ‘Word on the Street’ - The who, what, where and why of London's most current trends and experiences. We go so you don't have to... or so you can plan your next day (or night) out.  

In this episode we are taking you to Bread Ahead: a bakery grown to be a London staple, where people learn first-hand artisanal recipes from experienced chefs in full- or half-day workshops. Genevieve tells all about the full-day, 6-hour Bread Ahead workshop she attended on Italian bread baking!

Check out Bread Ahead! If you liked the content of this podcast, go sign up to take part yourself through these links.

To book a class: https://www.breadahead.com/courses

Hosted, Produced and Edited by: Genevieve Sipes and Emily Gobel

Music by: Big Blues | Jason Shaw  and Chill Lo-Fi Saxophone | Anpan by Alex-Productions 

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