Mental Health – Optometrists, be well!

Episode 24,  Nov 15, 2022, 09:00 AM

Mental health conditions can affect anyone and can have a negative impact on optometrists’ work. In this episode, Michelle Hanratty discusses these implications with Sheena Tanna-Shah, an optometrist who retrained in therapy after her own experience with anxiety. Also, avoiding stress and burnout at work can help to reduce the risk of mental health conditions – and makes working as an optometrist much more enjoyable. Dr Rachel Morris, a former GP-turned-executive-coach shares her tips and tricks to stay on top of your wellbeing at work. 

All GOC-registered optometrists can gain 1 CPD point by listening to this podcast and completing the exercise on our website. This episode covers the GOC competencies - Professionalism and Communication. Docet - dedicated to providing quality education and professional development to all UK registered optometrists.