Brad Barritt - Owen Farrell Lacerating His Eyeball - Matt Stevens Saving His Life & Eddie Jones Unforgivable Brutal Dismissal

Season 8, Episode 109,  Nov 17, 2022, 05:15 AM

What a joy it is to be joined by a 5 x Premiership Champion and 3 x European Champion - possibly the most decorated player of all time - in Ex England International and Saracens Captain Brad Barritt. He takes us on a rollercoaster journey from his childhood where his life was saved by an unlikely hero in Matt Stevens during a water polo match, the heartbreak of losing the Super Rugby Final, Moving to Saracens and the dodgy dealings which went on with the owners, the day Owen Farrell almost blinded him for life, Having operations with no Painkillers in order to play a match in the following days, the abuse he got when he went back to South Africa, the shocking way Eddie Jones dropped him from the England team, Why Padel Tennis is the new golf in the business world and much much more....
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