How to practice being lucky with Andy Nairn, Lucky Generals & Author of Go Luck Yourself

Episode 101,   Nov 18, 2022, 05:05 AM

This week, we’re up all night to get Lucky General, Andy Nairn.
One of the world’s most respected brand strategists, Andy is a founder of one of the UK’s most successful agencies, Lucky Generals, and author of Go Luck Yourself. Boasting a client roster including Amazon, Virgin Atlantic and Yorkshire Tea, they’ve been shortlisted for Campaign’s Agency of the Year five years in a row. 

Andy chats to us on manipulating the UK music charts, chopping thistles and weeding wild oats, working for David Abbott, giving out really bad legal advice, the early days of Lucky Generals, the rainbow laces campaign, defining, acknowledging and creating your own luck, why he hates big tables, and loads more. Feeling lucky? Click play. 


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(01:46) - Quick fire questions
(02:56) - First ever (slightly medieval) job
(04:06) - His first agency job at AMV with David Abbott
(11:06) - Why did he want to set up his own shop? 
(12:47) - The chaotic story behind the name Lucky Generals 
(15:04) - Early days at Lucky Generals and rainbow laces campaign 
(18:38) - Defining luck 
(23:10) - Practicing being lucky 
(30:05) - Brands born lucky 
(33:01) - Supporting Commercial Break 
(37:21) - Listener questions 
(46:15) - 4 pertinent posers 

Andy’s book recommendations are:
Run with Foxes by Paul Dervan 
Brandsplaining by Jane Cunningham and Philippa Roberts