MPox aka Monkeypox is no laughing matter, but we're still laughing

Season 3, Episode 27,   Nov 17, 2022, 09:09 PM

Esperanza and her guest share a frank discussion about his experience with Monkeypox, his concerns of how this virus will affect the LGBTQ community and where you can find reliable information about transmission and prevention.

The topic of this episode of Unpacking Life's Crazy is rather unexpected. Esperanza offers a frank, and at times humorous, discussion with a dear friend who is recovering from Monkeypox (now known as MPox) in the Los Angeles area. "Flash" shares the graphic (and a bit gross) details of his experience with this virus and his concerns for how this outbreak will affect the LGBTQ community. Esperanza and her guest offer suggestions of how listeners can avoid catching Mpox, the shocking length of time you might be a carrier if you do catch it and where you can find more information about this pox virus. So much to unpack here...