DJ GlibStylez - The INFAMOUS Boom Bap Soul Mixshow Vol.156

Episode 156,  Nov 23, 2022, 04:32 AM

This is Vol.156 of the INFAMOUS Boom Bap Soul Mix Series! DON'T FORGET TO HIT THAT FAVORITE BUTTON!! As always the vibes are underground, experimental, chill, soulful, lo-fi boom bap beats & treats! SEE TRACKLIST in comment section and PLEASE SHOW THESE ARTISTS SOME LOVE on social media, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify & ITunes! Salute to everyone that supports this mix series! If you're feeling the vibes FAVORITE REPOST & SHARE this mix! Direct link to previous episodes to this mix series:
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  1. Reese Tanaka x DJ GlibStylez - BBS Intro 2022
  2. Mike Titan x Daytona Pro x Tali Rodriguez - Park Preservators
  3. Lycouz x Clint Hoffa x Kaz Money x Long John - We Got This (Prod. by Obnoxious Beats)
  4. A Tribe Called Quest x Busta Rhymes - Dis Generation (MiLKCRATE Remix)
  5. Pyraminds - Suckaz (ft. Starvin B x Mysdiggi)
  6. Lerics Dalyricist - Discipline (feat. Es)
  7. Dub Sonata - The Butterfly Effect (ft. Vordul Mega cuts by DJ Nyce)
  8. David Begun - Flying Figaro (MF Doom x Flying Lotus Flip)
  9. Bob Catt The Legend - Morning Sun
  10. Reon Vangèr - butter
  11. FTL (Nova The Wraith & Major The Hyrophant) - Separate
  12. CERTAIN.ONES x Hilltop Productions - Waterloo (ft. Feral Serge x Bobby Craves)
  13. Rize-Again - DOOM Never Died
  14. Organize Mindz - Build The Futcha (ft. Good Food)
  15. Marz One & Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha - Ballpoint
  16. Indigo Phoenyx x Krohme - Top Tier
  17. B1 the Architect x Eddy Jones x Ulysses - Hotel Oblivion 
  18. Stone x Robert (Mr. Ripley x Zulu#7) - Exotic Art (Prod. by Self Taught)
  19. Jus Daze - Not Another (Prod. by C.G. The Producer)
  20. Mike Titan x Odd Pilot - MJ 12
  21. BlackLiq & Ohbliv - Good prod. by Ohbliv
  22. Pete The Dark Truth - Be More (ft. Reks)
  23. Joey Hustle - Dreamscape
  24. Kollectiv - Dynasty
  25. Steelo Fury - Forever (ft. Adam Been, Zelli, THEALLSEEINGEYE)
  26. GNyce - Everybody Can't Go (ft. M Doc Diego, Azariah, General Luciano, Crotona P)
  27. Darkside Preme - She Loves Me
  28. Eli Jordan - Oracle