Loaghtan (Blasstal #3)

Season 6, Episode 3,  Nov 28, 2022, 05:30 AM

A mythical-looking beast to be found on the hills of the Isle of Man; the loaghtan is a fascinating heritage breed sheep whose story is intertwined with Manx culture and history.

Katie and Lucy meet farmer Jenny Shepherd from Ballacosnahan, who have one of the biggest loaghtan flocks on the island, make loaghtan croish cuirns with artist Rosie Wood and find out how to work with loaghtan’s unique flavour with chef and spice importer Kumar Menon of Leela’s Kitchen. Plus Annie Kissack is on hand with some folktales about the sheep.

Blasstal is a podcast series by Lecker about food and folklore on the Isle of Man, supported by Culture Vannin.

Hosted and produced by Lucy Dearlove and Katie Callin
Podcast theme music by Mera Royle
Podcast artwork by Vicky Webb
With thanks to all contributors and others who made the series possible!

Music credits:

Manx Folk Dance Music - Car ny Ferrishyn
Manx Folk Dance Music - Fathaby Jig
Caarjyn Cooidjagh - Ballakilpheric - 07 Irree Shiu
Caarjyn Cooidjagh - Ballakilpheric - 11 Berree Dhone
Manx Folk Dance Music - 08 Thobm y Thallear (Tom the Tailor)
Caarjyn Cooidjagh - Ballakilpheric - 02 Ny Kirree fo Niaghtey
Manx Folk Dance Music - 15 Car Juan Nan

With thanks to Annie Kissack

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