Litsa Smith - Unscramble Me

Season 4, Episode 4,   Nov 29, 2022, 05:00 AM

In this weeks' episode I’m talking to Litsa Smith, the founder of Unscramble Me - the home of mentoring programmes and workshops to help people get organised, feel in control and combat stress. Litsa is all about supporting people with their wellbeing and operational effectiveness and after 20 years of leading high achieving teams she’s putting her experiences into supporting individuals blending work and home life.

I love Litsa’s reframing and practical tips that allow for guidance but don’t leave you feeling like a cookie cutter approach has been applied. Her recent newsletter came with the title ‘how not to feel crap about all the stuff that stays on our to do list forever’ - which is my kinda reading.

We covered how Litsa works with organisations, how she really feels about the definition of ‘productivity’ (spoiler: she doesn’t like it) and a timely reminder about protecting our wellbeing in the remaining part of the year. We talked about every single person in an organisation having something to bring and add value, the power of reflection on what gets our focus and attention and a reminder of applying the 80:20 rule…we covered a lot in just over half an hour! Litsa mentions a blog post when we’re chatting, you can read it here.

You can find out more about Litsa on LinkedIn (she has a cracking newsletter) or through Instagram.