The Future is Audio

May 26, 2012, 03:30 PM, Castletroy, County Limerick, Ireland
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omaniblog - over 5 years ago

Rich, it was a joy to be able to bring your voice into the room - crossing the Atlantic... I still find it amazing how we had so easily make connections and enrich our lives. A few people have started using Audioboo as a result of the session -opened their own account - they've told me via Twitter too. And now Allan Cuthbert has chipped in with an audio comment...
As I hoped to convey, we are only scratching the surface... So now we have a meeting of sound...
Thanks to you both.

PS FinancialAl is a great golf buddy too


FinancialAl - over 5 years ago

really enjoy your insight


FiremanRich - over 5 years ago

Just listen to your Audioboo here and thank you Sir for what I would call a boo shout out in your presentation! Very cool & neat! Glad I could be a part. Audio on Audioboo or any other audio platform is opening that "Audio Windows to share with others on this thing we call the internet.

: )