S5 E23-E24: Take Her on Vaction

Apr 17, 2019, 01:00 AM

I don't know if we are ready to say goodbye, but we have no other choice.

These two episodes are packed with drama, GGBs, heartbreak, and death. That is right Grey's BB's this week on the podcast we say goodbye to George O'Malley. He was a good doctor, who was kind and gentle, quiet, and then got hit by a bus and died. Goodbye forever George.

Izzie can't remember a damn thing after having part of her brain removed...which when you put it that way, kind of makes sense. Then Karev says some shitty things to her, and she stops restartting her memory...classic. But, everyone is happy cause she remembers...and then she codes.

This of course is all happening while we find out that the person who got hit by the bus, was George. Izzie walks to the elevator...she gets on...the doors open..and there is GEORGE. Tears. GGBs. One of the best scenes we have ever had on Grey's.

Another 10 out of 10 scalpels!