S3 E12: Return of the Quaid

May 30, 2018, 11:17 PM

First and foremost Dennis Quaid is back, safe in the arms of love. Bri is grateful to everyone who wished, prayed, or sent out positive vibes for his safe return. It worked! In other news, Bri went to Florida. PSA: Florida is not cool when it rains the whole time and people don't let you on an air boat ride. If you are looking to vacation somewhere and do not intend on going to Disney World probably just don't ever go to Florida.

As for this weeks episode it is Part 2 of George's breakdown. A lot goes down with Harold. First he is outputting enough pee, then his breathing-tube gets a kink in it, and ultimately he ends up loosing the fight. His body goes into multi-system organ failure and he dies. George leaves the hospital in a hurry and Cristina gives an epic speech about being in the "Dead Dad's Club".

Other story lines include: Meredith finding out her Dad also snores. Izzie is unapologetic to Bailey for being an emotional doctor. Addison kisses Karev. Burke and Cristina are still not talking. Derek manages to get some sleep with wax earplugs.

Spoiler Alert After Abbey and Bri discuss this weeks episode they call time of death and discuss the Season 14 finale! So, if you are all caught up on Grey's and sad this years season is over, don't you fret, your leading ladies give their initial reactions. Their discussion is rated somewhere between dead man left in a shed to Arizona and Callie potentially falling back in love. You decide!

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