S3 E10: Is Sting in The Police?

May 16, 2018, 04:48 PM

To all of you listeners out there who are mother's Happy Belated Mother's Day from your hosts Abbey and Bri! We hope all of you had a fulfilling day, and aim to be more motherly than Ellis Grey. If you can't achieve that, we hope you have provided your children with a cool Aunt Adele.

For real though, speaking of mothers Ellis is a real bummer of a mom this episode. Sometimes it should be kept to yourself that you regret having children, or probably all of the time, especially if you are speaking directly to said child.

Bailey is pissed that Chief is not punishing Burke and Cristina for their rogue surgeries. Instead, she punishes Cristina by putting her on George's dad's service. Everyone else gets to be on the conjoined twins case. Many questions about this case: If one twin gets a boner does the other twin get one too? How can the woman have sex with one and not the other? Logistically, how does this work?

Meredith helps Addison deliver Molly's baby, but lets Addison down. Obviously, Meredith should never have been in that room in the first place. Mark continues to be a chauvinistic pig towards the women in the show. When do we start to like him again?

All the interns are mad at Cristina and Meredith tries to defend her, sticking by her person. George isn't ready to forgive Cristina for what she did, and perhaps neither is Burke. However, even though Burke and Cristina are not speaking he allows her in the elevator with Shepard to take a look at his tremor. Progress?

Next week we are hoping for some resolutions, follow along and find out!


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