Maggie’s sick trip to Georgia.

Season 2, Episode 66,   Dec 07, 2022, 09:00 AM

Mags and mom set Dan up to lose trivia but it goes sideways. And Dan and Maggie’s flawed understanding of whistling and bravado.

Show Notes:
00:00   Glasses and minty fresh eyes drops.
02:30   Maggie’s trip to GA was sick - literally.
07:10   Maggie’s desire for a slide phone and reduce distractions.
09:45   Dan’s problem with ear pods – uh, air pods.
12:20   Mags’ beef with brands that don’t do Black Friday discounts.
15:15   Dan cuts his ear shaving.
16:11   Pronouncing N-I-C-H-E.  
18:34   Niche pronunciation results.
19:26   Trivia gone wrong!
24:07   Listener question from Sheldon: What do you think of the term “passersby?” And other odd terms.
26:11   Maggie recording voiceover audition in mom’s closet.
30:47   The varied styles of Nertz playing in our family! (i.e: Shay narrates her moves.)
33:50   Listener question from Matt about how to find people that share your gaming interests.
36:46   Maggie’s random thoughts: Billie Bobby Brown
40:34   Maggie’s random thought 2: The time she played a song she wrote but told us it was Taylor Swift’s.
42:42   Maggie’s attempt at whistling when she was a little and Dan’s misunderstanding of bravado.
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