Shivani Uberoi - The Wallflower Academy

Season 4, Episode 6,   Dec 13, 2022, 05:00 AM

Today I’m joined by Shivani, founder of The Wallflower Academy - creating workplaces where everyone can be themselves by partnering with businesses to drive the equality agenda and optimise employee wellbeing. Shivani sums up how her mission is ‘to accelerate equality by driving sustainable culture change which unlocks an individual's full potential.’ 

Shivani’s CV includes roles in huge businesses (including Sky, PWC and Tesco) where she has inevitably gathers her impetus and experiences to bring the Wallflower Academy to life.

I came across Shivani after her recent LinkedIn post covering the eye watering stats on the widening gender pay gap but it did have a list of practical ways employers can invest in the progression and retention of women in the workplace that made my heart sing - and there was plenty to chat about in the recording!

We covered the importance of belonging, the exhaustion of trying to fit in, why we need to address the route cause of challenges and not paper over the cracks, and how to separate self-promotion from bragging. It was packed full of ideas for employers and parents in equal measure.

You can find out more about Shivani on her website and LinkedIn.