What Does Mount Everest Mean to Nepal?

Season 5, Episode 88,   Dec 09, 2022, 01:12 PM

You cannot travel through Nepal without thinking about the world’s tallest mountain.  So what does Mount Everest mean to Nepalese people, and how is it shaping Nepal’s culture, economy, and tourism? And what is it like to climb Mount Everest in the first place?

We’re chatting with Philip Henderson, a member of the first all Black team of climbers to have summited Mount Everest, and Amrit Ale and Shanta Nepali, two friends of Philip’s who call Nepal home and have special connections to the local climbing community as well as Mount Everest itself.


Philip Henderson - Expedition Lead
Amrit Ale - Sherpa Climber
Shanta Nepali - Documentary

Full Circle summit team:
Manoah Ainuu @adreadedclimber
Evan Green @thegreenevan
KG Kagami @kg_mountain_exp
Thomas Moore @thomasdmoore
Dom Mullins @domthesoulifugid
Rosemary Saal @everywhere.rose
Eddie Taylor @alldayeddie

Sherpa climbers:
Pasang Nima Sherpa
Lakpa Chhiri Sherpa
Phurtemba Sherpa
Dawa Chhiri Sherpa
Sonam Gaylje Sherpa
Nima Nuru Sherpa
Chopal Sherpa
chawang Lhendup Sherpa
Tashi Gyalje Sherpa
Amrit Ale @himalayanquests

Camera crew:
Pemba Sherpa @pemba_sharwa
Nawang Tenji Sherpa @ngawang_tenjing


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