PERSHA & DRUHA: Runaway Leaders, League Splits & Debutants w/ Illia Deulin

Episode 51,   Dec 12, 2022, 05:41 PM

Rey, Adam & Andrew are joined by UFUA Project's Illia Deulin to discuss all the goings on in Ukraine's lower professional divisions - the Persha & Druha Lihas.

The panel focus on:

The new PFL format of 22/23 following the start of the russian invasion

Who's impressed in Persha?

Are Polissya the new Metalist?

Obolon are finally on course for a promotion charge

LNZ and Karpaty are lurking behind

The phenomena of Nyva Buzova

What are the side's who folded / withdrew from professional football up to this season?

What are the chances of their return next campaign?

Wright Thompson's fantastic ESPN long read & E60 Documentary on Ukraine's NT

Listen to the above and MUCH, MUCH MORE in our latest episode!


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