5 Ways To Bring The Energy In 2023

Episode 172,   Jan 08, 2023, 10:00 PM

Are you ready to start 2023 off with a bang? Well, that begins with the right energy. Shape your new year to be the best one yet, by following these 5 simple steps.

We’re diving straight into personal development this year on our podcast Dorothy and the Dealer, with a look at the 5 simple ways you can bring the right energy in 2023.

The energy of transformation, love, light and growth. Follow along with the recap: 

  • Take stock of the last year - Check in with feelings, lessons, growth, gratitude.

  • Create your challenges - How were they blessings, why did it need to happen, but also did you create your own challenges - because that’s how you master life.

  • Honour the lessons - don’t learn the same thing over and over. Apply the lessons to grow. Look at the cycles happening and talk about the one you are in to bring awareness to it.

  • Plan your ‘flow state’ activities - daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly. Things that help you feel present. Plan the fun.

  • Be consistent - growth is a continuous spiral upwards. If you don’t put in the work in the marathon you’ll be at the same point next year.