Bob Snyder - jingle call - Trent 1976

Episode 458,   May 27, 2012, 09:04 PM

There’s probably a very dull radio programme waiting to be made about UK radio presenters who phoned in to their local station when they were kids. It’s true. Most of us did. There was something inside us, even at that age, that made us want to be on the radio.

Given we were clearly anoraks back then too, the audio has likely been kept. Who could resist recording oneself on a Boots C90 cassette? (Never try editing a C120.)

Here we are, on Boxing Day 1976. Bob Snyder, Trent’s Programme Director, had clearly messed up the festive presentation rota, so he ended up hosting a long afternoon show himself. Frankly, though, he was actually a brilliant jock.

                                                                                                          Mind you, we all know how dull Boxing Day radio can be, once all the Christmas songs have gone and everyone’s got post-Christmas blues.  With a tedious show stretching before him, Bob resorted to the old ‘ask us a question about the radio station’ topic.  I did.