Exorcising Our Demons With Los Espookys

Episode 256,  Jun 19, 2019, 12:00 AM

Comedy writer/performers Ana Fabrega and Julio Torres have brought HBO a new sitcom about a "horror group" that creates practical horror effects for ridiculous reasons (Fred Armisen's hardly in it, we swear!), and Omar Gallaga has returned to discuss it with us! Around The Dial clicks through Younger, Comedy Central's new sketch show Alternatino With Arturo Castro, the upcoming Amazon series Undone, and the third seasons of Claws and Jessica Jones. For her Extra Credit topic, Corey asks us each to choose a title from the AFI's top 100 films and turn it into a TV series. Omar presents the Atlanta episode "Teddy Perkins" for the Canon. Once we've recovered (barely), it's on to the week's Winner and Loser and a Game Time with a lot of cipherin'. Put on your werewolf teeth and join us!


πŸ‘€ Omar Gallaga


Lead Topic: πŸ‘» Los Espookys

Around The Dial: πŸ‘Ά Younger

Around The Dial: 🎀 Alternatino With Arturo Castro

Around The Dial: πŸ€ͺ Undone

Around The Dial: πŸ’… Claws

Around The Dial: πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ Jessica Jones

Extra Credit: πŸ€‘

The Canon: πŸ† Atlanta S02.E06: Teddy Perkins

Winner & Loser: πŸ‘ PoseQueer Eye

Winner & Loser: πŸ‘Ž Bill Cosby

Game Time: 🧠 I Was Told There Would Be No Math


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