S05.E11: Don’t Trust The B

Dec 13, 2021, 10:00 AM

The season five playoffs roll on with the San Dimas High division finals! Returning winners Aaron, R. Mike, and Dylan open the face off with their knowledge of title characters who start with B. But the stakes elevate when we identify remade properties on the big and small screens from the scantest details about them. And of course, the lightning round decides it all!


⚠️ Inline notes below may be truncated due to podcast feed character limits. Full notes are always on the episode page.

😡 Hank Azaria played "Hank Landsberg" in 2018's Maniac.

🚀 The band Duran Duran got their name from the evil scientist in Barbarella - they used to play in a club called Barbarella's, and later featured the actor who played Durand in a music video.

🐿 The movie of the Beastmaster is weird, but it isn't anywhere near as wild as the original Andre Norton book.

🦆 The Ducktales Theme Song Scorebreak. The Ducktales Theme Song: when someone says Ducktales, you have to say "woo-hoo." I don't make the rules.

👧🏻 Bernadette Peters would make a fantastic Miss Hannigan, but she actually played Lily in the 1982 John Huston version.

📺 Don't tell Dave, but The Thin Man TV series ran for two seasons on NBC in the 50s, starring Peter Lawford.

🎹 Weirdly, not everyone hates the Casablanca TV show

🪠 The Lighthouse Score Break. The Lighthouse: it's in black and white mostly to ensure that you don't notice that Robert Pattinson is doing Mario cosplay.

🤰 The first Big Bad Mama movie co-starred Tom Skerrit and William Shatner.

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