S08.E07: It's A Living

Feb 27, 10:00 AM

Career changes and universe swaps.

in an effort to appeal to a younger crowd, this episode description is being presented without capital letters, since it seems like every musician under the age of twenty-seven refuses to use capital letters in their song or album titles. bully for them. in this episode, we've got a pop culture trivia challenge about instances where character changed jobs from one instance of a pop culture property to another before we get really multiversal in round two. but it's only in this timeline that we arrive at the lightning round in which a new winner is crowned for another week.


⚠️ Inline notes below may be truncated due to podcast feed character limits. Full notes are always on the episode page.

🧁 You can find all of the superhero-based Hostess Cupcake ads here. The Daredevil ones are best, the Harvey comics ones are the pits.

🪠 Mario was originally a carpenter mostly because he was at a construction site; now, Nintendo says that he “used to be a plumber.”

🪦 Zack Snyder has his reasons for the whole Jimmy Olsen bit in Batman v Superman.

🤖 The Westworld 2000 Scorebreak. Westworld 2000: How does a first person shooter from 1996 have a plot that makes more sense than a TV show? [5/10 Where do you people find these things?]

✈️ Flight of the Navigator is pretty well regarded these days, but it wasn’t very successful financially, grossing just $18M against a $9M budget.

👮‍♂️ Police Story is best know for its absolutely wild stunt work.

☠️ The first Happy Death Day movie was written by 90s X-Men writer Scott Lobdell, who had a long run that’s not terribly well regarded these days.

🦌 And the “J” in “Bullwinkle J. Moose” stands for “Jay” as in “Jay Ward.”

🙀 The Drama Scorebreak: Drama does anyone else really want to actually see Moon over Mississippi? [7/10: Hey, Drama! The kids love that one!]

🐬 Seaquest was a very different show from Sealab, but got similarly absurd as it went on.

🪵 Todd Haynes’ Barbie Doll based Karen Carpenter biopic is real weird.

👌 Producer Martin Hannett is often credited as Martin Zero.

✊ Ben says, “I don’t have an online plug or socials to send people, but I'd like to plug everyone to join or form a union at their workplace!”

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