Episode 11 - How to Grow the Crypto Industry in the UK

Dec 22, 2022, 02:00 PM

Sean Kiernan, CEO of Greengage, interviews Lisa Cameron, MP about how blockchain technology can improve growth and job creation in the UK, with the appropriate check and balances for users and investors.


■        Dr Lisa Cameron MP is an NHS Consultant working with clients who have mental health problems and learning difficulties. She graduated from Strathclyde and Glasgow Universities and has experience in treatment, training, risk assessment and health research. 

■        Lisa grew up in the Westwood area of East Kilbride where she went to school. Since qualifying she has served the public at Hairmyres Hospital, Wishaw General Hospital, Dykebar Hospital and the State Hospital. She is an Expert Witness within the Scottish Court system working in cases of childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence. 

■        Lisa has been an active local Union Representative over the past twelve years, campaigning for worker’s rights, pay, pensions and issues of discrimination and equality.


▶ What the UK needs to do to stay ahead of the curve in crypto
▶ What initiatives are being taken across the country
▶ How political stability could bring meaningful changes in crypto policy




00:00:00 Intro
[00:01:42] Growth potential for the crypto asset and blockchain industry in the UK
[00:03:25] Educational initiatives
[00:09:01] What the public can do to contribute
[00:11:48] International Development
[00:16:25] What could be done more for growing the ecosystem in the UK?
[00:21:30] Thoughts about financial services and market bills