Why is folklore so captivating? with Dr. Cory Hutcheson

Dec 27, 2022, 04:57 PM

What's the difference between myths, legends, and folklore? Or...is there a difference? 

The winter holiday season is chock full of magic and monsters and bits of folklore abounding in everything from the colors of the season to the foods that we eat. Folklore itself - as a topic of study and discussion - has had a bit of a moment this year. Plenty of voices have made a bit of a name for themselves bringing folklore to the masses via social media, but there's a lot of nuance when you scratch the surface of the topic. 

So, I talked to my very favorite folklorist, Dr. Cory Hutcheson, about the study of folklore, its misconceptions, and what it teaches us about cultures past and present. We also talked about comic book mythology and what has to happen for the stories of today to become the folklore of tomorrow.

Find out more about Cory on his podcast, New World Witchery, or by picking up his book of the same name.

Brief housekeeping note: I'll be taking January off from producing new shows. Look for new episodes of Head On Fire in February 2023! Happy New Year everyone!

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