Bonus w/ Travis Myers (Retired NYPD Detective) on Crimes Committed by Children

Episode 81,   Dec 28, 2022, 08:00 AM

In this episode I sit down with Travis Myers, a retired NYPD detective and co-author of the Tommy Keane Detective Series. We dive into his real life experience as a detective working in The Bronx. After introductions, we start with series of murders committed by young teenagers. From there, we talk about a crime committed within the Foster Care System. This was a crime committed by children, perpetrated onto other children. Real life crime is not black and white and it is heartbreaking to analyze what breaks these children into committing these crimes themselves. 
After a look at the tragic cases, we discuss the ghosts that public service workers carry with them after being involved in investigating these crimes. Travis gives great insight due to his real life experience with the New York Police Department. 

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