Where is Indigeneity in Canada's Tourism Identity?

Season 5, Episode 89,   Jan 04, 2023, 10:30 AM

Global travelers still don't think much about Indigenous tourism when they think about travel to Canada. Post cards show Royal Canadian Mounted Police and maple syrup. But Canada has a long, rich, and diverse history that was shaped by the people who were here first: Canada’s First Nations.

We're talking to Keith Henry, President and CEO of the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) to find out what economic reconciliation looks like for the travel industry. We discuss the impact of bringing back place names across the country, the importance of bloggers and travel influencers on Indigenous tourism, and get a sense of the demand for Indigenous knowledge across the sector, the country, and the world.

In the opening, we discuss recent criticisms of AirBnB - from outrageous cleaning fees and long lists of chores, to its impact on housing crisis' - and share some hacks on how to avoid AirBnB all together.

Keith Henry, President and CEO of the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) | https://indigenoustourism.ca/


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