We Almost Did Amazing Race!

Season 2, Episode 69,   Jan 04, 2023, 09:00 AM

Dan and Maggie reveal their Amazing Race consideration. Maggie on reading books with “bad acting” and stories she might audition for. Tips for traveling alone.

Show Notes:
00:00              Maggie’s accent medley.
02:28              The Amazing Race consideration.
05:35              Shay accidentally reveals Eddie’s Christmas present.
09:13              Meeting new people.
12:50              How we’ve changed since 2022.
14:00              The “Great Conversation” and great books.
19:00              Bad acting in a book?
28:00              Reading books of potential future movies – casting actors as you read.      
29:30              5 Sphere Intentions for 2023 (from Off Balance On Purpose book)
31:40               Listener question from Jasmine: Tips and advice on traveling alone?
40:50               “Knives Out” rewind. 
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