#081 The Artificial Xmas Issue

Episode 81,   Jan 05, 2023, 07:22 AM

It's Christmas Eve and the team have managed to squeeze in one last session for 2022 - and despite Buttons trying to make this issue edit free to get it out for Christmas day... somehow edits became the main feature! In here we have for you a Cryptid Christmas Carol which sees Sasquatch Clause wreaking havoc. There's a UOP with a WWI Rocket up his de-militarised zone, nativity cows escaping down a river, a baby Nessie on a beach, a couple of bullsh*t ghosts trying to get into Cryptid Buzz, a pay-it-forward beer sponsorship scheme as well as a winning lottery number time-travelling intuition broadcast scheme. Oh, and almost forgot - an AI chatbot writes us a full movie script (complete with predictive movie posters) where we save the future with some Cryptid 'Factor'. Happy Holidays!