The Tragedy of Mariam by Elizabeth Cary (Full Cast Audio Adaptation)

Episode 246,   Jan 13, 09:00 AM

A full cast audio adaptation of Elizabeth Cary's masterpiece, The Tragedy of Mariam

A Full Cast Audio Adaptation of The Tragedy of Mariam by Elizabeth Cary.
See below for content warnings...

MARIAM, the Queen - Gillian Horgan
ALEXANDRA, Mariam’s mother - Leigh McDonald
SALOME, Herod’s sister - Pamela Flanagan
SILLIUS, Salome’s lover - Simon Nader
CONSTABARUS, husband to Salome - Heydn McCabe
PHERORAS, Herod’s Brother - Robert Crighton
GRAPHINA, Pheroras’ lover - Nemonee Stone
DORIS, Herod’ first wife - Pollie Hall
ANTIPATER, Herod’s son by Doris - Fiona Thraille
First Son of BABUS - Hugh Weller-Poley
Second Son of BABUS - Mark Scanlon
ANNANELL, the high Priest - Andy Barrett
SOHEMUS, A Counsellor/Mariam’s guardian - Rob Myson
NUNTIO - Richard Fawcett
HEROD - Geir Madland
BUTLER - Valentina Vinci
SILLIUS' Man - Alan Scott

Additional voices by Liza Graham and other members of the company.
Additional sound effects from
Produced by Robert Crighton

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Content Warning: Details and depictions of murder, racially charged language (mostly removed for the FCAA, fully present in the !Spoilers! episodes), gun shots, death, suicide, hanging, expressions of misogyny.

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