IT's all about Choices. Episode 10. Working in IT Security, and learning from your mistakes. With Arthur Barnes

Season 1, Episode 10,   Jan 07, 2023, 06:45 AM

Working in IT Security, and learning from your mistakes with IT Security Operations expert Arthur Barnes.

In Episode 10 of IT's all about Choices I'm joined by an old client, Arthur Barnes.

We discuss working in IT Security and Learning from your mistakes. 

Arthur and I met in 2015. I had chosen to give up the security of full-time employment to work as a self-employed contractor, not only did I give up a good job, but I also chose to work in what was to me a whole new part of the industry - IT Security Operations. 

I'd spent the best part of 5 years wondering whether to give up full-time employment. Choosing to do so is the best professional decision I've ever made - though it didn't feel it at the time. Working with Arthur was a great choice. 

We kicked off 2023 by covering a lot of ground, including:

  • Arthur's career in IT Security and life choices
  • The importance of mentors and great leaders enabling their teams
  • Discussing how ITSM and SecOps share so much
  • How IT Security Forensics can lead to you having to ‘get out of town’ 
  • What makes a good IT Security professional from Arthurs point of view
  • Physical and Emotional maturity and well being
  • And Arthurs future choices