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IT's all about Choices

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Welcome to 'IT’s all about choices', the show where my guest and I discuss our lives and our careers framed through the choices we’ve made, the good and the bad. 

2023 mark's my 30th year in the workplace.  Those years have flown by, and as I hit my 30-year milestone, I’ve decided that it’s time to reflect on the choices that I’ve made that have led me up to today. I do this not just for myself but because I think it would be great to share these experiences to help others on their career journeys who face similar choices to those I and my guests have faced.

I’ll explore my choices and those of my network of colleagues, customers, mentors, and great friends who are willing to share their experiences via the choices they have made during their lives and careers in IT - or potentially elsewhere. 

IT's all about choices.