End of Life

Jan 14, 2023, 09:19 AM

Like so many stories and people that come our way, this is another one that seemed to be put in our path by some grander force for a higher purpose.  Recently, Scott and his wife Emily were out at dinner and struck up a conversation with the stranger sitting next to them, Lauren Hopper, who told them she worked as an end-of-life doula.  While many of us have heard of a Birth Doula, someone who provides advice, emotional support, and physical comfort to mothers during childbirth, Lauren’s job takes place at the opposite end of life’s journey.  She gives hope and guidance to those about to pass away and their loved ones in their grief.  The conversation between the three was profound, fascinating, and reassuring to such a degree that we felt it needed to be shared, and the sooner, the better.  While most of us will never experience the things we talk about on this show, there is one absolute certainty in that every one of us will pass eventually, and if you’re of a certain age, you’ll be dealing with the imminent departure of your parents or friends.  While you may not agree with Lauren’s beliefs or assessment of her experiences, we must all admit that we won’t know for sure until our end comes.  Please join us, Lauren, and our friend Rich Hatem for a discussion on the essential question in life, what happens after we die?  The easiest answer is to believe that nothing happens, but why not entertain the notion that something ineffably wonderful does, that no one ever really dies?

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