MP S06.E07: Secrets And Wives

Jan 16, 2023, 10:00 AM

When Michael pursues his cauterizer invention, Coop's too mad at Lexi to pursue HIM...for now.

The main drama swirls around the doctors this time: Michael's already had a prototype cauterizing glove made and is ready to start making money off it immediately by selling it to a medical company; Craig wants to use it to build a company himself, which will make him and both Mancini siblings money in the long term. When Jennifer sees that Michael's stubbornness is going to drive Craig away (from her), she engages in a little espionage to force Craig and Michael into an arranged marriage, business-wise. Though Coop does find out about some of this eventually, it can't be top of mind: he's found out that Lexi got his real books, he knows he's about to get screwed in their divorce settlement, and he wants to know who's to blame. And she's not the only woman in the episode who's giving him trouble. Kyle, continuing to stew (no pun intended) over the loss of KYLE'S East, asks Amanda why she told Eric about it. She says she didn't, which only makes Kyle more suspicious about how Eric found out, particularly after he and Taylor are notified that they also just lost their lease on KYLE'S West, because someone bought the property; Taylor used her feminine wiles to find out that the buyer is a certain Upper West Holding Company, and wouldn't you know it, that's who bought KYLE'S East too. They decide to stake out a restaurant and try to get more info on who their landlord's been dealing with…which unfortunately happens to be the same place Amanda's meeting Eric and Megan, and she totally spots them sneaking out the back and assumes they were there together for romantic reasons. In other Eric news: Megan asks if he will teach her how to business, and since he thinks he can use her to make Amanda jealous, he accepts. Finally: Billy and Sam show up for one scene so he can give her an engagement ring and get her shirt off in his office. Gather all your spouses and listen to our podcast on "Secrets And Wives"!


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