DC S01.E01: Pilot

Jan 01, 10:00 AM

On the eve of his high school career, Dawson Leery meets Jen Lindley...and that changes everything.

Dawson Leery, the world's #1 Steven Spielberg fan, has a great life: wonderful friends he's known since childhood, parents who are seriously crazy about each other, and plenty of resources to pursue his dream of becoming a filmmaker. But just as he and his pals are about to start high school, cracks start to appear. Joey suddenly decides she can't sleep over anymore, just because of their hormones. Dawson's elderly next-door neighbor takes in her beautiful granddaughter Jen, who's fleeing some kind of scandal in New York City. And...is Dawson's mother maybe sleeping with her closest work colleague?! Meanwhile, when a hot-to-trot older lady comes into the video store where Dawson works with his friend Pacey, the latter decides that the new member's request for The Graduate is some kind of signal that she wants to fool around with him. All that and it's truly just the beginning. You don't want to wait for our podcast on the Dawson's Creek pilot -- and you don't have to! Here it is.


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