St Albans Highgate

May 29, 2012, 08:35 AM

Theological discussions - 1:30 these four faith communities were already involved in this Highgate interfaith group, so St Alban collaborated...1:45 We focused on the spirit and commitments of our individual religion, and give one evening to each religion...2:20 Highlighting the spirit, focusing on the idea of righteousness, love, care, peace, justice, not in just the high sophisticated jargon, but in the practical realities people face...bringing everyone together...3:30 it has been an eye-opener for people in the church. Over the years they were not sure how to, perhaps with the changing multifaith composition of Highgate...we definitely wish to continue...5:40 I wanted to make sure we should apply for a grant which fits best and where the money would be used in the most fruitful way... the grant arrived very much on time.’ #collaboration #FCN #interfaith