Episode 67 Part 2: SBFC in the NWSL 2023 Draft Streets Rounds 1 and 2

Episode 67,   Jan 18, 2023, 11:00 AM

Episode 67 Part 2: SBFC in the NWSL 2023 Draft Streets Rounds 1 and 2 

Welcome to Episode 67 Part 2 of Shea Butter FC, a podcast by, for and about Black women and non binary players in soccer.

In this episode, which is the one many mini episodes from our live coverage at the 2023 NWSL Draft in Philadelphia, we flashback to Skye, Sylvs and Eboni’s reactions to the first and second rounds of the draft as it happened in real time. This includes draft chaos, special guest appearances, and  melanated vibes for days! Come vibe and enjoy the wildness in real time and in overdrive!

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Also much love and appreciation to KC Nevijay for letting us use some of his beats and mixes within this episode and many of our episodes. Peep his other work at YouTube Channel @ KC Nevijay

The photo features a pic of the Shea Butter FC team, and other Black media members at the NWSL Draft as taken by Chanelle Smith-Walker . Follow her https://twitter.com/nellez_