Lozells Methodist

May 29, 2012, 09:59 AM

0:30 We were looking at how we could build on the relationships of people who had already been in the building, recognising we were a place of many faiths and nationalities...3:00 The best piece of work we’ve had so far is to work with young people and delivering with young people of different backgrounds and faiths and getting them doing stuff together, working with the adults

3:30 you don’t want to get stuck into application where you think is it going to be worth it in the end? 4:00 to have an application where basically it just asks you for your passion, and what you really want to do, and you can go for that...you’re not waiting six months to hear, so actually one of the most important things for you to hear is that you know what you want to do and now you can start to do it. The time thing has been really helpful.’ #Lozells #Methodist