Meet Cute (2022)

Season 4, Episode 2,  Jan 19, 01:00 PM

“Meet Cute" is a 2022 American romantic comedy film directed by Alex Lehmann, starring Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson. It was released on September 21, 2022, on Peacock

Throughout the date, Sheila tells him that she discovered June's time machine at a nail salon and has been using it to relive the same night for the past seven nights. They end the date on good terms and she tells him that she'll see him again the next day.” 
- Factually Exclaims

“I'd like to time travel back to when I started this movie. Awful”  
- Types Anna & Anthony A -

"The term “meet-cute” originated in 1938 Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife. While shopping for pajamas, Claudette Colbert and Gary Cooper meet, and it turns into a delightfully cute conversation, hence the name." 
- Says Nashville Film Institute (

“Gary restrains Sheila but it’s for her own good”  
- Warns Jetskee -

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