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Season 4, Episode 2,   Jan 19, 2023, 08:00 AM

Ben Lee's music has been in many films and TV shows including Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs and Deuce Bigalow, and has mentored on The Voice Australia and competed in The Masked Singer Australia.

How was Ben Lee’s second gig as support for Sonic Youth?!

Ben Lee’s band Noise Addict were loved by Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and the Beastie Boys Mike D and toured with Sebadoh when he was only 16 years old! How the heck did all that happen?

Why did he decide to go solo so soon after finding huge success with Noise Addict?  What do Mike D and Money Mark have to do with Ben working with T-Bone Burnett and how did that song end up on the end credits of the film Best Men?

He’s recorded with Evan Dando and Mandy Moore, teamed up with Ben Folds and Ben Kweller to form The Bens and won ARIA Single Of The Year for his song Catch My Disease, but how did the idea for that song start.

How did Ben’s song “How to Survive a Broken Heart" become integral to a scene in the Farrelly Brothers classic film There’s Something About Mary? And how happy was Ben to discover what music sync is?
His most recent album I’m Fun was released through Warner Music in June 2022 and to be honest, he is fun! Listen to this episode with Ben Lee and see for yourself.

Ben Lee

The Sync Report is where you will meet industry experts and top level songwriters as we pull the curtain back on music placement and scores, build vital relationships and provide real opportunities to our listeners. Listen to indie filmmakers present their latest productions and describe specific scenes as they consider music submitted by our audience.

Music is the difference between a good film and a great one.

Songs included in this episode are...

Wish I Was Him by Noise Addict
Burn to Shine
How to Survive a Broken Heart
Catch My Disease
We’re All in This Together
Daughter by Peter Blegvad
Two Questions
Tell it to My Heart by Juliette Lewis
Born for This Bullshit

All songs by Ben Lee except where stated.

FEATURING:  Milfredo Seven - Kevin Sharpley - Vinx De’Jon Parrette - Jodylynn Talevi – Lisa Dunn - Heather Ragnars - Midas Royal - Dante Mazzetti - Gray Bashew

"The Journey" by Midas Royal 
"Blue and Gold" by Dante Mazzetti 
"Anjing" by Gray Bashew feat. Lowhi

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