Why Business Is 80% Mindset

Episode 174,   Jan 22, 2023, 10:00 PM

What's the number on thing holding business owners back from growth and success? It's not cashflow. It's not ideas. And it's not capacity. In simple terms - it's mindset! Learn how to master yours and master your business in this quick-fire episode!

The success of any business is 80% mindset. 

So, when you feel like you’re being slammed by a problem, these are the three questions you should be ask yourself to work smarter not harder!

  • Is this a problem with understanding what to do? (purpose)
  • Is this an issue with figuring out how to do things? (strategy)
  • Is this a struggle with believing I can do it? (self-worth)
A mindset breakthrough is all you may need to see things differently! Tune in to learn more.