Episode 53,   Jan 19, 05:04 PM


Andrew, Adam and Rey return to the studio to discuss the rollercoaster week of transfer sagas that had FINALLY come to an end! Malinovskyi to Marseille, Tsyhankov to Girona and of course Mudryk to Chelsea!

This week they're joined by France based CBS Sports football correspondent Jonathan Johnson who comes on to provide greater details about Malinovskyi's move to Ligue 1, provide updates on Ihnatenko at Bordeaux and share what a Mudryk-less Shakhtar can expect against Rennes next month!

The guys focus on:

The Social Media Transfer Saga - Mudryk to Chelsea!

How did it all happen?

Will Mudryk be a success there?

The derussification of Chelsea is well underway!

Malinovskyi at Marseille

How have his opening few games gone?

Will he fit in at the Ligue 1 club?

What system and football do Marseille play?

What are the expectations of the fans?

Ihnatenko at Bordeaux? Rennes form ahead of Shakhtar?

Tsyhankov has finally escaped the golden cage?

How did he end up at Girona?

Will he play there and will this set a precedent for others?

Is Ukrainian football moving towards a Croatian model?

Petrakov leaves UAF and gets the Armenia job... What? Why?

Listen to the above and MUCH, MUCH MORE in our latest episode!


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