Evalynne Charmer - Autistic Voices - Episode 5

Episode 5,  Jan 24, 04:02 AM

‘Autistic Voices’ is an opportunity to air and discuss topics such as the lived experience; anxiety and stress; myths and truths; mental wealth and emotional wellbeing; physical health; ‘discovering’ your neurodivergence; the long journey to EHCPs (Education, Health & Care Plans); Are they a necessity? Do they help or hinder us? Support for families; what agencies are out there? Safeguarding – is it appropriate or does it need a review? Education and beyond; the world of college, university, work and the importance of contributing to society; independent living; friendships and relationships; navigating sexuality and gender; life expectancy and choices and debating the divide in neurodivergent culture between those for and against ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis). The world needs to join in on the conversation – come and get your voice heard!

Evalynne speaks with Vanessa Hughes, about her new website ‘Autistic-Ness’ where she plans to address ‘Everything you wanted to know about autism but were afraid to ask!’

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