Season 1, Episode 11,   Jan 24, 2023, 05:00 AM

This week’s interview is with Paul Simpson, writer, journalist and currently the editor of brilliant website Sci-Fi Bulletin – a link to which can be found in the show notes. A well-known name in Doctor Who fandom, we’ve been wanting to get Paul on the podcast since we started it but – as he references in our interview – he suffered a heart attack a few months ago that rather knocked him for six. But, even though he’d just had major heart surgery a few days before, Paul contacted us to line up the interview displaying a fighting spirit that’s an inspiration to us all – both personally and professionally.

Paul’s five choices to take with him into The Bunker are:

1. The Pyramids of Mars (Doctor Who, TV story, first broadcast 1975)
2. Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. (movie, released 1966)
3. The Dalek Conquests (audio drama, BBC Audio, 2006, with narration by Nick Briggs)
4. The Chimes of Midnight (Dr Who, audio drama, Big Finish, 2002)
5. The Tides of Time (comicbook story, first published in Doctor Who Monthly, 1982)

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