Drug Deal Gone Bad Ends in Deadly Shootout

Episode 5,   Jul 19, 2021, 04:00 AM

A drug deal goes bad, the informant gets horribly murdered, and Murph's partner is severely wounded in a shootout with three armed traffickers.

It was a typical Friday afternoon for DEA Special Agent Kevin Stephens. He and his partner Murph were part of the cover team for a 17 kilo buy-bust of cocaine that was supposed to go down the day before. Everybody was ready to take the traffickers down, do the paperwork and take the weekend off. The informant who set up the deal had a long-term relationship with DEA, and had successfully arranged dozens of prior buys. It was all going according to plan...until it didn’t. The traffickers were planning to rip the undercovers off, and came armed. Shots were fired, Kevin was severely injured, and the informant was killed. This is the first time ever Kevin and Murph discuss that afternoon in Hialeah, Florida. 

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