PEL Prewsents NEM#188: Pat Irwin (Raybeats, B-52s, SUSS) Writes for TV (and Himself)

Jan 22, 06:00 PM

Pat started in the late '70s New York No Wave scene with 8-Eyed spy, but quickly got into soundtrack work for shows like Nurse Jackie, plus cartoons and indie films.

We discuss clips from Dexter: New Blood (2022), Bored to Death (2011), and Rocco's Modern Life (feat. the B-52s, with whom he was playing at the time in 1992), plus "In Another Time" from Duets for Electric Guitar and Piano (2018) (the outro is the version of that with J. Walter Hawkes from Wide Open Sky (2019)), "Hoodlum Priest" by The Raybeats from Glass: The Lost Philip Glass Sessions (1982), and conclude by listening to "Winter Was Hard" (2022) by SUSS.

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